Development, installation and operation of unique and the only accelerator complexes in Russia adapted to operate at the "minimum" processing modes required for food and various food raw materials

  • “Minimum” modes
    with high scan rate and absorbed dose accuracy
  • 5 to 9.5 MeV
    the ability to regulate the energy of electrons
  • Development of logistics solutions
    unloading / loading, moving and storing food products in the center / workshop
  • Solutions
    for storage and processing of chilled and frozen products
  • Unique experience
    in processing more than 30 000 tons of food products at Tekleor LLC
  • Over 15 standards
    for food processing
We work in the system "Mercury"

Automated system for electronic certification of cargoes, for which the state veterinary control is established in the territory of the Russian Federation.

main effects
Microbiological safety
Ensuring the microbiological safety of products for during the already declared expiration dates in accordance with TR CU 021/2011, SanPiN 2.3.2, etc.
Product safety in case of non-observance of storage conditions
The solution to one of the main problems is to ensure the safety of products "on the shelf" at elevated temperatures
Extended shelf life
Increase the existing safe storage time of your products from  2 to  5 times, due to a significant reduction in TMP and  spoiling microorganisms
Reduction or complete elimination of   chemical additives
Possibility to create «Clean Label»
New ways of implementation and intensification of technological processes
New markets due to  increase in safe shelf life, new sales segments, including premium ones, due to  renunciation of  chemical additives. Develop and expand your production with more efficient technologies, reduce risks along the entire HACCP chain
Technical and technological support of the project
Comprehensive project support after its launch. Extended warranties and consulting options. Lifetime support and assessment of the condition of the supplied equipment
  • Processing in final consumer packaging (for example, vacuum and MGS, including those already packed in shipping containers)
  • No product heating (processing chilled and frozen products)
  • High technology efficiency (complete inactivation of pathogenic, conditionally pathogenic microorganisms, significant reduction of spoilage microorganisms)
  • Preservation of organoleptic, biochemical and other quality indicators of products
GOST 33 820−2016. The meat is fresh and frozen. Guidance on irradiation for the destruction of parasites, pathogens and other microorganisms.

GOST 33 825-2016. Packaged semi-finished meat products. Guidance on irradiation for the destruction of parasites, pathogens and other microorganisms.

GOST 31 454-2017. Guidelines for the irradiation of fish and seafood for the suppression of pathogenic and spoilage microorganisms.

GOST 34 155-2017. Guidelines for dosimetry in the study of the effects of radiation on food and agricultural products.

GOST 34 156-2017. Guidelines for Dosimetry in Food Processing with Gamma Radiation.

GOST 34 157-2017. Guidelines for Dosimetry in Food Processing with Electron Beams and X-rays.

GOST ISO 14 470-2014. Radiation processing of food products (Fundamental Interstate Standard for Food Irradiation, put into effect on 01/01/2016).
GOST 33 800–2016. Irradiated food products.

GOST 33 339–2015. Radiation processing of food products.

GOST 33 340–2015. Food products treated with ionizing radiation.

GOST 33 271–2015. Dry spices, herbs, vegetable seasonings. Guidelines for irradiation for the control of pathogenic and other micro-organisms.

GOST 33 302–2015. Fresh agricultural produce. Guidelines for irradiation for phytosanitary treatments.

GOST 31 672–2012. Food products. The method of electron paramagnetic resonance for the detection of radiation-treated products containing cellulose.

GOST 31 652–2012. Food products. The method of electron paramagnetic resonance for the detection of radiation-treated products containing crystalline sugar.

GOST R 52 529-2006. Meat and meat products. The method of electron paramagnetic resonance for the detection of radiation-treated meat and meat products containing bone tissue.
Manufacturer of radiation technology centers based on electron accelerators

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